June 25, 2024

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Victoria Square incidents: Anarchists beat up police officers and destroyed their motorcycles

On Wednesday evening (1/11) chaos reigned in Victoria Square as hooded men leaving an anti-fascist rally in Neo Iraklio attacked police officers at the scene.

Far leftists reportedly attacked a group of DIAS police at the intersection of Patision and Hayden streets, resulting in one policeman being injured. In addition, the motorcycle they were riding on was damaged. At the same time, there is information that another motorcycle was damaged.

Two motorcycles of the DIAS police group were destroyed. Dozens of participants at the scene of the riots. Video of the arrest of one of the participants. The police use tear gas.

According to the same information, the people who attacked the DIAS police officers were previously in Pefkakia to participate in a rally dedicated to the anniversary of the murder of Golden Dawn (Chrisi Avgi) party members George Fountoulis and Manolis Kapeloni in Neos Heraklion.

Members of “HA” were shot on November 1, 2013 outside the party’s office in the suburb of Neo Heraklion, northwest of Athens. An unknown group claimed responsibility for the shooting, which left two people dead and a third wounded. No one was arrested for the execution killings, although police had CCTV footage and a “photograph” of the shooter.

Earlier it was reported that the Greek police were on high alert in connection with expected rallies from both the far right and the far left.

This afternoon at Athens airport Italian far-right group detained of 21 members of an active neo-fascist organization “CasaPound Italia”. They were not allowed into Greek territory due to “national security reasons”. They flew to Athens to participate in events marking the anniversary of the murder of two members of a neo-Nazi organization “Golden Dawn”.

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