July 14, 2024

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Two injured after a file shelf collapsed at the Athens prosecutor’s office

Shelves containing case files collapsed at the Athens prosecutor’s office on Tuesday, injuring two people.

A court clerk and a transportation company employee were trapped under voluminous case files and were only able to escape with the help of other employees and citizens in the building. An unexpected incident with a clear domino effect occurred while the court clerk and a company employee were loading new files onto metal racks.


“Someone could have died,” the Athens Law Clerks Association complained in a statement and warned of a protest. The association stressed in its statement that the racks fell while they were being loaded with cases, causing one of the two victims to hit their legs and the other to hit their back.


“The scale of the danger of the incident is evidenced by the fact that their release required the help and intervention of citizens and colleagues who were nearby,” the association emphasized, while stating that the worst was averted due to sheer luck.


The association also recalled another incident when a suspended ceiling collapsed in the auditorium of the 3rd Single-Member Civil Court at the First Station Court of Athens. She calls for immediate control of the judicial buildings in Athens, stressing: “Our lives have value, they are not costs.”

“Employees of the judicial services have repeatedly pointed out the inadequacy and danger of many buildings, serious deficiencies in the material and technical base, etc. And yet not a single government has taken the necessary security measures,” the statement emphasizes. The association will hold a protest outside the courthouse in Evelpidon in central Athens on Wednesday morning.

*Illustrations courtesy of the Law Clerks Association

PS On social networks, one of the lawyers reported that the cost of the government program for the digitization of “electronic justice” until 2022 is 200,000,000 euros.

Another Greek commented that when case files are generated, the Greek justice “data center” is surely protected from hackers.

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