Thessaloniki: anarchists have abandoned the police "Cocktails and Mototov"

In Thessaloniki, Molotov cocktails flew at the police during an anarchist protest. The demonstrators also set fire to garbage cans. The security forces responded with tear gas and batons. According to police, 30 people have been arrested. Anarchists protested against police action at the University of Thessaloniki. On January 13, the police detained 15 people […]

Professor attacked by anarchists accused of financial fraud and pedophilia

A professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business, who was attacked by anarchists on Tuesday, was accused of financial fraud and pedophilia. As we reported previously, January 11, during classes in the auditorium of the Athens University of Economics and Business, the group burst in of the unknown, 6-7 (according to other sources, […]

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