Prosecutors investigate EYP surveillance of Greek journalist Thanasis Koukakis

The head of the Attorney General’s Office in Athens ordered on Monday a preliminary investigation into the surveillance by the Greek National Intelligence Service (Ε.Υ.Π.) of Greek investigative journalist Thanasis Koukakis, financial editor of CNN Greece. The chief prosecutor of the capital, Sotiriya Papageorgopoulou, ordered an investigation following reports from journalists Inside Story and networks […]

The prosecutor’s office opened a case against a modeling agency for leaking women’s data to dating sites

The prosecutor’s office in Thessaloniki ordered the police to investigate a modeling agency in connection with the leakage of personal photos of models on behalf of which agency employees corresponded with those wishing to marry. Photos of women were posted on dating sites without their consent. In addition, users paid for communicating with women, while, […]

The prosecutor intervened in the matter of increasing the authorized capital of DEI

The intervention of the Financial Prosecutor Christos Bardakis was caused by publications regarding an illegal increase in the authorized capital of the state-owned company DEN, which was announced in the previous days. The prosecutor issued an order for a preliminary investigation, whether there is a criminal conspiracy, corruption component or the issuance of insider information […]

Prosecutor General of Greece opened a case on deliberate arson

The intervention of the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Vasilis Pliotas, was triggered by massive fires throughout Greece, and the prosecutor’s office immediately opened an investigation, as, as already noted, there are suspicions of deliberate organized arson. The order reads as follows: “The excessive number of fires of unusual intensity and magnitude that have occurred […]

The prosecutor of the Supreme Court announced his readiness to fight organized crime.

The Supreme Court Prosecutor Vasilios Pliotas requested immediate information from the police in organized crime cases in order to promptly initiate legal proceedings in response to report Minister of Citizens Protection Michalis Chrysochoidis. The prosecutor of the Supreme Court, in his letter to the Greek police, notes that “the national security authorities that initiate ex […]

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