June 25, 2024

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A 23-year-old girl originally from Thessaloniki died in Israel – her body was found yesterday

Eden Ben Ruby was at the Supernova Festival in Israel and walked into a bloodbath. The Israeli Embassy in Greece confirmed the death of a 23-year-old girl – her body was discovered.

She was killed from behind while fleeing from Hamas militants. The embassy statement says: quotes newsbeast.gr:

“Eden Ben Ruby is no longer with us! An Israeli woman from Thessaloniki, who had visited Greece every summer since childhood, was killed from behind by Hamas militants as she tried to save her life. Abuse has no limits! Condolences to her family! Words are poor…”

Her parents and grandparents are from Thessaloniki, and she grew up in Israel and came to Greece every summer. A friend of the deceased girl recalls:

“We were childhood friends from camp. She went missing, but her body has now been identified. She was at the party, we knew she was at the party, and her body was found yesterday. She is half Greek, born there (in Israel) and raised. Her grandparents are from Thessaloniki, but she lived in Israel. She visited her grandparents every holiday. She was very happy, always smiling, the life of the party, very talented and artistic, she wanted to travel and have fun.”

And people who were taken by surprise by the war in Israel continue to return to Greece. For them, fortunately, everything ended well:

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