December 7, 2023

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Evia was badly damaged by bad weather: houses were flooded, landslides occurred

Evia was hit by a cyclone”Elias” and shortly after 10 a.m., a message was issued via 112 to alert those in Mandudi about the risk of tornadoes.

“The height of the water in the village has reached one meter,” Mayor Mantudi said earlier. In the north of Evia due to the cyclone”Elias“There were heavy downpours with intense thunderstorm activity, resulting in flooded houses – calls to the fire service are ongoing.

In two municipalities in the north of Evia, 2-3 months of precipitation fell. Particularly severe weather phenomena are observed in Istria and the surrounding area. Small landslides have occurred and the fire brigade is being called in to remove uprooted trees. According to reports from Rovies, roads were cut and houses were flooded.

160 mm of water fell in Rovies, 150 mm in Bateri, 120 mm in Lake…

As of 4:00 am, Chalkis is also being tested. A large volume of water falls on the city, the fire brigade is taking measures to pump out water in flooded basements. Shortly after 5:00 am there was a power outage across a large area north of Chalkis and thunderstorm activity continued. Night literally turned into day.

At the same time, heavy rains occurred in Phthiotis and especially in the Lamia region. Since 5 am it has been raining continuously, with only short breaks. The amount of precipitation is very heavy, reaching 1100 tons per hectare or 110 millimeters per 1 m2. However, so far no serious problems have been identified, with the exception of flooded basements in the southern part of the city, where the fire brigade began work to pump out water.

According to, rain and thunderstorms “Elias” will affect a total of fifteen prefectures.

The areas that will be most affected by the Elias weather during Wednesday (27/09) will be located primarily in the prefectures of Ilia, Achaia, Corinthia, Argolis, Arcadia, Evrytania, Phocis, Phthiotis, Boeotia, Attica, Evia and Magnesia and secondarily in the prefectures of Messinia, Laconia and Chania.

Heavy hail in northern Attica

Large hail the size of a chicken egg hit the northern coast of Attica. Our reader from Agia Apostoli reports that the hailstones were amazing in size and complains that the hail broke the tiles on the roof of his house.


The hail reportedly caused severe damage to agriculture. Due to heavy rain, traffic on the coastal highway has been suspended; authorities are repairing roads, clearing fallen trees and pumping water from flooded basements.

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