April 16, 2024

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Cyclone "Elias": ERT journalists in Volos are asking for help! – City in the Dark – Children on the Rooftops in Alykes

ERT journalist Froso Pavlou and two colleagues were trapped because the water level in the center of Volos did not allow them to leave the city. At the same time, dozens of calls were received from Agria and Alykes asking for evacuation.

A few hours ago, the 199 service received a call asking for help from an ERT TV crew, 3 of whose members were trapped due to the rain.

At the same time, the picture recorded at this time in the hospital in Volos, where the water level exceeds the height of the first floor, is disturbing.


Big trouble is emerging on Voulgaroktonou Street in Volos, where water levels have risen to dangerous levels and firefighters are working hard to get to trapped drivers.

The depth of the rapid flow in some places exceeded 80 centimeters, firefighters and EMAK are rushing to help local residents in trouble.


Incredible footage from Volos. The Kraiosidonas River is about to overflow again, and the state remembered serious work on the day of bad weather, since all these days they were busy with lamps. Workers are in danger, cars are almost in the water, and city residents pray to God that the river does not break and the same thing does not happen again. Beos (mayor of Volos – editor’s note) promised to make Volos Monaco, but in the end he is close to turning it into the lost Atlantis.


Meteorologists warn to avoid travel at all costs. According to the latest forecasts, heavy rain will continue until at least overnight (very likely into Thursday afternoon). Possible precipitation >300 mm


In addition to the problem of rain, residents of Volos and the surrounding area had to deal with the problem of power outages.


After 8.30 pm almost all of Volos was plunged into darkness. At the same time, the voltage in the electrical network “flickered” for a long time throughout the city complex of Volos, until a complete blackout occurred.

The mayor of Volos, Dimitris Beos, said: “80 percent of the city is in darkness, the electricity is out. People are tired of the flooding, we need boats again to get around. The situation is dramatic. I’m stuck in the car, I can’t get out of it because the water level is rising, and I’m waiting for someone to come for me.” “A tow truck will arrive. Makrinitsa is cut off, the road has turned into a cliff, there is no connection with the residents, people there are probably in danger.”

The mayor of Volos, Achilleas Beos, in a video he published on Facebook, appealed to townspeople not to leave their homes for safety reasons and to facilitate the work of rescuers.

“The worst-case scenarios for the development of the new bad weather that affected our city, unfortunately, are confirmed. The police have already banned the movement of vehicles and we urge citizens to cooperate and follow the instructions of the authorities. Don’t leave home anywhere, first of all for your own safety, and then to facilitate the work of the crews who are waging a real titanic battle,” emphasized Mr. Beos.

In Alykes Volos, residents sought help through social media as people with small children found themselves stranded.

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