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“Chaos” in Philadelphia, USA: hundreds of stores in the city center were looted

After New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, it was the turn of Philadelphia, where thousands of young people in the city center looted hundreds of stores until the police intervened and made several arrests (although these people were probably later released).

Philadelphia has always been, along with Detroit, one of the toughest American cities in terms of violence and crime, but what happened looked like a riot.


The Apple store was attacked at approximately 8:00 pm and police began pursuing the escapees. As a result of the chase, iPhones and a large number of iPads that had fallen from the bags were found, the police said in an official statement.

More than 100 people who appeared to be teenagers also attacked and looted a Lululemon store, NBC10 Philadelphia reported, citing information from a police officer.

In video posted on social media, people wearing masks and hoodies can be seen running out of the Lululemon store. The police detained several of them and took them to the sidewalk.


Authorities said the looting began shortly after peaceful protests ended against a judge’s decision to drop all charges against former Philadelphia police officer Mark Dial, who shot and killed 27-year-old Eddie Irizary on Aug. 14. The city’s police commissioner said he believed the armed men had no direct connection to the protests and were simply taking advantage of the opportunity.

The problem is that law and order in the United States has long been broken, this became noticeable especially during the Biden administration.


Police stopped 27-year-old Eddie Irizarry for “erratic driving.” The published footage shows how officer Mark Dial began shooting at the driver literally five seconds after stopping the car – the young man died in the hospital.


  • Initially, the police claimed that the driver got out of the car and attacked them with a knife.
  • Lawyers for the family of the deceased managed to find a video recording of the incident to refute the version of law enforcement officers.
  • Police officials have suspended Officer Dial and will soon announce his dismissal.
  • Irizarry’s family is demanding that the cop be held criminally responsible for this brutal murder.


Attorney Shaka Johnson said he intends to file a lawsuit on behalf of the family against Officer Dial and the city of Philadelphia. Fortunato Perry, a lawyer representing the Fraternal Order of Police, said Dial “has the full support of the order” and legal counsel “continue to review the facts and circumstances of this tragic incident.”

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