June 14, 2024

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A video of the crash of an Il-76, which belonged to a PMC, has appeared "Wagner"

A video has appeared of the crash of an Il-76 military transport aircraft in Mali, which belonged to the Wagner PMC. At least that’s what the authors of the video say.

Incident occurred on September 23. The preliminary cause is a malfunction of the aircraft tank.

The plane landed on the runway and flew off the runway at high speed, then it broke into pieces and caught fire.

According to previously published information, mercenaries from the Russian PMC Wagner were on board the plane. Telegram channels associated with the Wagnerites refute this information, clarifying that there were no mercenaries or pilots of the Wagner PMC on board, and the fallen Il-76 “was used by local forces to transport cargo for various purposes.” The airliner belonged to the Belarusian airline Rubystar Airways.

Exactly how many people were inside is not known for certain, however, according to Ukrainian reports mass media, as a result of the crash of an Il-76 transport aircraft with license number TZ-98T in Mali, 140 people were killed, mostly mercenaries of the Wagner PMC. The publication also claims that Mali military personnel and seven crew members were killed in the accident.

Other sources, without going into detail, write that, judging by the nature of the explosion, most of the people inside the plane died.

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