December 1, 2023

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Temple of Aphrodite discovered by Egyptian archaeologists in the water off the coast of the gulf (video)

In the Gulf of Abukir, in the ancient port city of Thonis-Heraklion in Egypt, underwater archaeologists have discovered the temple of Aphrodite, “treasures and secrets.”

How writes CNN, the study was conducted by a team of underwater archaeologists led by Frank Goddio. They explored the southern channel of the city, where huge stone blocks of the ancient temple of Amun fell due to cataclysms thousands of years ago. During this expedition, precious objects belonging to the temple treasury were found: gold jewelry, silver ritual instruments and other artifacts.

Egyptian archaeologists also discovered underground structures that are supported by perfectly preserved wooden pillars and beams. Scientists claim that they date back to the 5th century BC. e.

To the east of the Temple of Amun, a Greek sanctuary of Aphrodite was discovered, containing bronze and ceramic objects. Researchers from the European Institute of Underwater Archeology say:

“This suggests that the Greeks, who were allowed to trade and settle in the city during the Sait dynasty (664-525 BC), had their own sanctuaries for their own gods.”

The find also indicates the presence of Greek mercenaries in the area. The remains of Thonis-Heracleion are today located 7 km off the coast of Egypt. This city was for centuries Egypt’s largest port on the Mediterranean until the founding of Alexandria.

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