November 30, 2023

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Wild scenes "showdown" in Peristeri: shootout with two wounded

Scenes straight out of a Hollywood action movie unfolded in the Peristeri area in the early hours of Sunday (September 24). Two people were wounded during the shootout on Fivon Avenue.

According to police sources, everything happened at 6:25 am, with the participation of the Roma as the “main characters”. Residents of the area heard the shots, panicked and called the police. Law enforcement officers who arrived at the scene found two shell casings. The find was taken to the Criminal Investigation Department for examination.

From the testimony of witnesses it turned out that after the “showdown” the defendants left the scene in cars whose location was not established.

However, some time later, the police received a report that there were two patients with gunshot wounds to their legs at the CAT hospital. These are reportedly two of the victims in the altercation that took place in Peristeri this morning.

The police are investigating.

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