December 1, 2023

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Tryphos – a paradise in Greece

Tryphos is one of those places in Western Greece that, once you discover it, you feel like you have found heaven on earth.

It is a landscape of exceptional natural beauty with the Church of Ag. Varvaros (Άγιου Βάρβαρος) and impressive waterfalls that seem to await visitors.

The place is located near Amfilochia, on the road to Vonitsa. Nature has generously endowed this part of Etoloakarnania with dense vegetation, magnificent waterfalls and ponds (natural baths), and carefully preserves it as “a secret accessible only to the initiated.”

Travelers will be able to enjoy moments of complete relaxation and merging with nature by walking through the gorge along the river bed. They say that near the temple of Ag. Varvaros, the local saint of Acarnania, who was a pirate and became a hermit, had artesian springs with healing water, called “holy” (αγιονέρι) by the locals.

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