June 12, 2024

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Yanina: 71-year-old owner of the house killed a 35-year-old robber

In the village of Khinka, Zitsa municipality, a 35-year-old man entered a house for the purpose of robbery, armed with a knife and a metal rod, but was repulsed and killed.

Having struck the elderly owner of the house with a steel rod, he hoped that he would be able to profit, but everything did not go according to plan. The old man threatened the intruder with a revolver kept in the house and fired without hesitation when the robber, instead of leaving the house, rushed at him with a knife.

The police who arrived at the scene seized a WESSON & HARRINGTON 0.32mm caliber revolver, cartridges for it, a metal rod and a knife, as well as “working” gloves and the robber’s balaclava.

The man who received a gunshot wound was taken to the hospital (νοσοκομείο Χατζηκώστα), where doctors pronounced him dead, writes newsbeast.gr, and the elderly owner of the apartment was taken to the Ioannina criminal prosecutor’s office. An investigation is underway.

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