June 14, 2024

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Flood in Greece: shocking footage from flooded Thessaly

The flood death toll rose to six on Thursday afternoon after rescuers found two elderly women dead in their home in the village of Astritsa in central Greece.

Relatives of the women, aged 75 and 80, alerted authorities because they had no contact with them. Rescuers who evacuated people from the flooded area found them dead.

Unimaginable scenes are coming in the last hours from Volos, Larissa and Karditsa, where many Greek residents were locked in their houses flooded due to bad weather. Many of them are elderly or have limited mobility, and they constantly turn to the government mechanism for help (either themselves or their relatives).

In the city of Palamas (Karditsa), which has turned into a lake, a 90-year-old grandmother with mobility problems found herself locked in her house and has been waiting on the table for more than 6 hours because the house was flooded with water.

The body of a missing 51-year-old man was discovered on Thursday by firefighters in a ravine near the village of Petroto in Domokos in the Phthiotis region (Central Greece). The man, a farmer and livestock breeder, went to check on his animals on Wednesday morning as Cyclone Daniel hit the area.

The number of missing people has risen to at least 10. Of these, 4 people disappeared in the Volos/Pelion area, including a newlywed couple from Austria.

Six more people were missing in the village of Agia Triada in Karditsa, one of the villages underwater in central Greece, Civil Defense Minister Vassilis Kikilias said on Thursday. The minister added that the six villages – Proastio, Agia Triada, Palamas, Megala Kalyvia and Kalogriana – “cut off from the rest of the world“In Agia Triada, six people are missing and 20 remain trapped, in Megala Kalyvia 40 people are in houses, and in Kalogriana 4 people are also in houses, the minister added.

From Palamas and Proastio, which are the capital villages, i.e. with a population of over 1000 people each, no specific information is available other than that the water is at a very high level and people are in the very top of the buildings.

On Thursday afternoon, a Palamas resident told Mega TV that 70 people had gathered on the roof of one of the houses and had been there since Wednesday afternoon. Among them are elderly people and children, all of whom are awaiting safe evacuation. The same situation was reported by another local resident, whose family and neighbors gathered on the roof of her house for safety.

In difficult times, you have to be creative. The Greek army evacuates people from the flooded village of Palamas in Karditsa using a front-end loader rather than boats.

According to the fire service, over the past 48 hours it has received almost 5,000 calls to pump out water, and a total of 885 rescue operations have been carried out in flooded areas.

Organized evacuation of the population with the help of the army and coast guard began in central Greece only on Thursday afternoon. It is carried out with the help of rescue helicopters and boats.

Rizovuni, Karditsa. 7 animals and one person saved

In some cases, firefighters simply used their hands and feet to save people and animals from flooding. Local residents told the media that the huge volume of water and flooding occurred due to a dam failure, rivers and streams overflowing.

There are no reports of an organized evacuation of residents of Volos, Pelion and other areas of the Magnisia region, although heavy rainfall and severe damage to infrastructure have left them isolated, deprived of food supplies, electricity and water for at least four days.

The coast guard evacuated about 140 people from Mikro in Pelion after local authorities told them people had been isolated for three days and were largely without food and water supplies.

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