May 18, 2024

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Cyclone Daniel gradually leaves Greece

According to the forecast of the National Observatory of Athens /, rain and local storms are expected today in most of mainland Greece, in the regions of the Ionian and northern Aegean Seas. Nevertheless, the phenomena of bad weather will gradually weaken and will subside significantly by evening.

Thunderstorms on Thursday will be strong in the following places:

  • Western Macedonia (Grevena).
  • Thessaly (Magnesia, Karditsa, Trikala).
  • Central Greece (Fthiotis, Evrytania).

Below is the estimated amount of rain for the selected three-hour noon and evening hours of today, calculated using the Meteo Numerical Weather Prediction Model.


Estimated rainfall in the afternoon (12:00-15:00): according to the precipitation classification (RPI) used by the meteorological department, the hazard level has now been downgraded to category 4 (significant). But it’s better than 5.

Estimated rainfall in the evening (18:00-21:00): in Karditsa the situation remains dramatic, there are missing people, according to the mayor Palama, as well as residents of the area. Published videos are shocking, in which people are saved from the rising water on the roofs of houses.

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