Greece: Pfizer vaccines for children 5-11 arrive on December 13

In mid-December, vaccination of children 5-11 years old will start in Greece. The recording platform is slated to open on December 16th. Vana Papaevangelu, a member of the expert committee and professor of childhood infectious diseases, notes that children with chronic diseases will be vaccinated first. The first shipment of Pfizer children will be received […]

Russia: biochip for testing at the development stage

Russian scientists are developing a biochip that will help to accurately determine the presence of COVID-19, Rospotrebnadzor informs on the official website. According to RIA Novosti, the department’s website has published the results of a study conducted by specialists from the N.N. Academician I. N. Blokhina. The message says: Work is underway to create a […]

The planet is warming up, conflicts are escalating, and the point of no return is about to be passed

The number of victims of global warming is in the tens of thousands. They are dying of deadly heat and hunger, dying in armed confrontations caused by the exorbitant warming of the planet. Indirect murder – this is how the impact of global warming can be called, which significantly adds to the list of victims […]

USA: $ 1 universal vaccine

In the United States, an innovative vaccine has been developed that can protect against several coronaviruses at once, Medical Xpress reports. Amesh Adala, Senior Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in Baltimore, recounts the study’s findings: “Other coronaviruses cause about 25% of common colds and also pose a serious threat of emerging […]

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