Blood type and stroke

A new study has found a link between a person’s blood type and risk of premature stroke. As it turned out, the owners of blood type A have a 16% higher risk of early stroke (before 60 years of age). This conclusion was made by a group of American scientists after the completion of a […]

Activity helps prevent breast cancer

The latest international study has convincingly shown that increased physical activity significantly reduces the risk of breast cancer. The study involved 130,957 women, 76,505 of whom suffered from breast cancer. Scientists used genetic analysis to establish a causal relationship between cancer risk and activity levels, says The Guardian. They found that higher levels of physical […]

Greece: Pfizer vaccines for children 5-11 arrive on December 13

In mid-December, vaccination of children 5-11 years old will start in Greece. The recording platform is slated to open on December 16th. Vana Papaevangelu, a member of the expert committee and professor of childhood infectious diseases, notes that children with chronic diseases will be vaccinated first. The first shipment of Pfizer children will be received […]