June 12, 2024

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Bucharest: two powerful explosions at a gas station (video)

One dead, 33 injured, including 26 firefighters, after two powerful explosions on Saturday August 26 at a liquefied gas station in the Crevencia region, near Bucharest.

At a gas station, writes iefimerida.gr, there were three gas tanks. After the first explosion, the fire spread to a nearby house. Firefighters made incredible efforts to prevent the rest of the tanks from igniting, but about two hours later a second explosion sounded.

The police cordoned off the area within a radius of 300 meters from the gas station, residents were evacuated. At least 26 firefighters were among the injured, according to Romanian Interior Minister Raed Arafat, who arrived at the scene of the explosion. Four wounded, who received extensive burns, were intubated. The risk of repeated explosions remains.

Radio Liberty notesthat the station was closed after inspections, but worked and had six tanks of 10 thousand liters, two of which were filled. It is reported that most of the victims are employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 39 of them are firefighters. The fire was localized, but flames were observed at several objects at night.

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