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Generation Z admits they feel guilty while on vacation. And it’s no wonder

There is nothing better than days of vacation, complete isolation and relaxation, the so-called turning off the mind and body from busy work and contacts everyday life with daily 8+ hour stress.

Therefore, there are many who want to go on vacation. However, there is an opposite side, called Gen Z, who not only do not expect days of relaxation and carelessness, but also consider themselves guilty when they try to “rest”.

And yet the above fact is not a paradox. There are many reasons that make vacation difficult for some: stress, financial hardship, and of course, the fact that paid vacation isn’t guaranteed in all jobs.

About 35% of Gen Zers say they feel guilty about not working during their holidays.

That’s the data from a survey that establishes the “Labor Confidence Index” LinkedIn. It was attended by 9461 American workers.


Gen Z’s celebratory guilt is justified by the fact that they’re still at a stage in their careers where they’re more interested in impressing their boss, getting along with colleagues, or proving their abilities than ” drop out of the group” and enjoy doing nothing for a week or two.

“Generation Z is very conscientious,” Anders told CNBC Make It. They may have different habits, such as clothing or work preferences, “but from what we’re seeing, Gen Z’s drive to do the right thing (consciously) is as strong as any other generation’s.”

Occupational safety
Younger workers are less likely to go on a journey where they really “switch off” and stop doing their jobs. About 58% of Gen Z workers say they plan to take a vacation and switch off completely in the coming months, compared to 64% of Millennials, 62% of Gen Xers and 64% of Baby Boomers.

“Generation Z is multitasking like no other,” says Anders. Economic problems may also play a role.: 31% of Gen Z workers say they won’t be taking a vacation this year due to financial issues. The figure is slightly higher than that of their older peers. For that reason, Anders says, budget travelers may prefer more affordable options in the fall to expensive summer trips.

Breaks in work, even if just a weekend getawaycan bring great benefits to physical and mental health. Anders adds that it can also improve your productivity at work. “Sometimes shutting down is a way to get fresh ideas,” he says. “I saw people come back from vacation with the best idea of ​​the year.”


Of decisive importance real break from work. “Total shutdown forces you to rethink your priorities and recharges you,” adds Anders. Too often we spend more time on urgent things than on important ones. Vacations are a great way to see what’s important.”

Planning ahead
Asking for time off can be intimidating for newcomers to the workplace, but it all comes down to pre-training. Anders offers talk to your manager in advance to find out what needs to be done before you go on vacation, what can be delegated to other colleagues while you are away, and what can wait until you return. “Sometimes it’s all about the humility of admitting that while your work is important, it doesn’t mean it’s going to fall apart while you’re gone. The job will be done,” concludes Anders.


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