April 16, 2024

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Illicit adoption case in Crete

Officers from the Organized Crime Service from Athens, in cooperation with the local police department of Chania (Crete), are conducting an investigation to answer the question of possible illegal adoptions and surrogacy in the reproductive center.

Law enforcement agencies also intend to find out whether there have been cases of “trafficking in children.” According to AMPE, the persons allegedly involved in this case have been arrested.

According to the local website zarpanews, among the suspects are two doctors from Chania with extensive experience in the field of medicine, who were arrested, searches were carried out both in the doctor’s office and at home.

According to Cretalive, attention ΕΛΑΣ chained to the center of assisted reproduction in Chania, which couples visit not only from Crete, but also from all over Greece, from Turkey, the Balkans and other countries who dream of a child.

From the very morning, the officers of the Organized Crime Department of Crete have been carrying out operational activities in the mentioned medical center. The investigation began after the law enforcement agencies received a relevant statement.

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