June 25, 2024

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Unexpected destructive storm hits Serres and Kavala

Late Sunday evening, July 23, a sudden storm hit Serres and Kavala. Trees were uprooted and fell on cars, dozens of people were stuck in elevators.

To the Serra Fire Department, writes newsbeast.gr, received more than fifty calls from blocked people in elevators, as power outages were noted in several houses. In front of the church of Agios Nikitas in Serres, two plane trees were uprooted, one fell on a car and a motorcycle standing near the temple. Visaltia Municipality Announcement:

“Fallen trees on the country roads of Visaltia municipality. Attention of drivers moving along the axis of the roads Nigrita-Thessaloniki, along the provincial roads Nigrita-Kerdillion and Oreschia-Dafni-Kastanochori, beware of falling trees. Power outages occur in various houses in the municipality. The civil protection of the municipality has been mobilized in the presence of Mayor Athanasios Maslarinos and head of civil protection Thodoris Vadikolias.”

The 20-minute storm also hit Kavala on Sunday afternoon, causing damage to beach bars, cars and shops.

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