June 15, 2024

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Blue shark on Nea Xili beach in Evros

Children playing in the shallow waters of Nea Healy Beach saw a small blue shark swimming close to them.

A lifeguard on the beach said that she was spotted on June 24: perhaps the shark was looking for food or simply got lost while chasing a school of fish. Catching her, the rescuers took the shark to the depths, informs CNN Greece.

This type of shark is considered harmless to humans, but in any case, bathers are in no case recommended to come into contact with them and it is better to stay away. Only if the shark is obviously lost and cannot return to the sea, you can try to return it to the depth: trying not to make sudden movements and avoiding touching the head and gills.

Sharks seem to be doing pretty well in the Greek seas. Judge for yourself:

06/23/2023, two miles (3 km) from the port of Zakynthos, in the area between Kyllini and Kefalonia, shark spottedprobably mako.

06/27/2023 a small shark, “cutting circles” in shallow water, is very surprised vacationers on the beach of Heraklion in Crete.

06/29/2023 young people on Serifos literally froze when, while riding a boat, they suddenly saw in the sea waters very close three-meter shark.

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