June 15, 2024

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TV presenter accused of tax evasion of 400,000 euros

The second “case” of large-scale tax evasion through social media and telesales was recorded by the tax police during a social media scan.

Following a well-known influencer blogger, a well-known TV presenter, who also owns a TV sales company, fell into the clutches of the tax authorities. Tax investigations into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok and other social networks are ongoing as, especially since the pandemic, sales of goods through online stores that ship their products through undocumented couriers have reached a very large scale.

Following consumer complaints, auditors from the Hellenic Tax Authority began monitoring the company’s transactional behavior. They requested details of the deliveries from the courier company she worked with and found that over four years, 12,000 receipts, totaling 400,000 euros, had not been declared.

They also established that this presenter was not officially presented as a shareholder of the company, but put his mother in the first place. The penalties have already been imposed. The company for the remaining financial years, as well as he and his mother, are being checked for possible other tax violations.

The purpose of the audit is to identify individuals and legal entities selling goods and services via the Internet without paperwork. During the audits, taxpayers were identified who did not even open a business in the tax authorities. Usually they do not provide a physical address on their website or social networks, but only a phone number and only accept orders online.

PS If you live beyond your means (official income), do not rush to post your new clothes and acquisitions on social networks, as the tax, armed with special tools, has learned to track your “body movements”. This is not the Chinese rating system yet, but all countries will come to this sooner or later…

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