“Safari” of the economic police in Mykonos and Halkidiki: violations found in 2/3 of the stores

Inspectors of the economic police carried out control of enterprises in Mykonos and Halkidiki. Checks in public catering establishments were carried out as part of establishing compliance with insurance, labor and tax laws. The raid was carried out by the heads of the Financial Police Directorate of Northern Greece during the period June 16-18, 2022. […]

Tax office: who will be struck off the list of debtors

The tax office circular ΑΑΔΕ states that citizens who have debts of up to ten euros to the tax office will be permanently excluded from the list of debtors. The purpose of the official document ΑΑΔΕ is to write off the debts of thousands of debtors. Reportedly, these debts should have become overdue by 11/25/2019, […]

The tax service writes off debts: who is deleted from the list of debtors

The Greek tax inspectorate’s circular AADE instructs all services to immediately start writing off the debts of thousands of debtors. Those who have tax debts of up to ten euros are permanently excluded from the list of debtors. The condition for the write-off is that the specified debts are overdue until 11/25/2019, but the citizen […]

Tax: big catch and fines

An independent audit by the Government Revenue Authority (AADE) continued in August across all market sectors. The results showed that tax evasion is under way. A number of companies have found that the issuance of cashier’s checks is systematically avoided. If violations were found, a 48-hour suspension from work was envisaged and heavy fines were […]

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