July 22, 2024

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Ancient Greek artifacts found in the forest on Parnit

Several dozen valuable antique artifacts were found hidden in the wooded area of ​​Mount Parnitha in northern Athens on Thursday, June 15th.

The antiquities were delivered by a group of police officers to the Department of Cultural Heritage and Antiquities of the Attica Security Directorate for study by an archaeologist from the Ephorate of antiquities of Western Attica.

The police do not say how they managed to get to the cache of valuables. According to the police, an expert archaeologist said that some of the items found clearly fall under the protective provisions of the Antiquities Protection Act, while the rest require further study.

Found ancient artifacts:

  1. Lamp length 11cm
  2. Corinthian arybalus 6 cm high
  3. Part of a preserved earthenware spice jar, 8.5 centimeters high
  4. Part of a fusillade-shaped incense vessel 11.5 centimeters high.

Antiquities that are confiscated but need further examination:

  1. Lamp with a diameter of 15.5 cm.
  2. Amphora height 13 cm
  3. Black form lekythos 33 cm high
  4. Three-leaf vine 15 cm high
  5. Vase height 31 cm
  6. Base height 8 cm
  7. Bronze figurine of a male figure 10 cm high
  8. Bronze figurine of a female figure 20 cm high
  9. Bronze amphora figurine 6 cm high
  10. Bronze figurine of a woman 9 cm high
  11. Bronze female figure 12 cm high
  12. Bronze wheel model, diameter 7.5 cm
  13. Bronze figurine of a cow 11 cm long
  14. Bronze figurine of a baby 9 cm high
  15. Clay female head 8 cm high
  16. Lamp size 10.5 cm
  17. Vase height 12 cm
  18. Lamp with a base diameter of 8.5 cm
  19. Aryballos lithium 9 cm high
  20. Closed vessel 11 cm high
  21. Bronze snake 1 cm
  22. Amphora height 9 cm
  23. Lamp 9 cm
  24. Stand height 8.5 cm
  25. Part of a surviving figurine of a woman, height 13 cm
  26. Lamp length 10cm
  27. Vase height 12.5 cm
  28. Double closed vessel 12 cm high

Antiquities will be transferred for storage and for final evaluation to the Archaeological Collection of Acharnes. The materials of the case will be transferred to the Criminal Prosecutor’s Office of Athens.

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