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Important recommendations for an electronic application when renewing a residence permit in Greece

Important general recommendations regarding the electronic application when renewing a residence permit in Greece, from the law office of Kasatkina-Kusku Svetlana Anatolyevna.

  1. For the information of all third-country nationals, in order to avoid further questions, please note that sometimes on digital certificates for applying for a renewal of a residence permit ΝΑΝΕΩΣΗ ΑΔΕΙΑΣ ΔΙΑΜΟΝΗΣ”) of some categories, for example, “ΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΜΟΝΙΜΗΣ ΔΙΑΜΟΝΗΣ » of the old sample, an insert in the passport of a worker’s residence permit for 10 years “ΒΙΝΙΕΤΑ”, the applicant’s photograph is not displayed. This is due to the fact that there are no saved biometric data of the applicant in the system of the Ministry of Migration, that is, fingerprints, signatures, and, in fact, a digital photograph. All digital “veveosi” have an equivalent legal effect (with or without a photo) for interaction with the Greek state structures and not only.
  2. After the electronic submission for renewal of the residence permit, the system of the Ministry of Migration generates a digital “veveosi” (“ΒΕΒΑΙΩΣΗ ΥΠΟΒΟΛΗΣ ΗΛΕΚΤΡΟΝΙΚΗΣ ΑΙΤΗΣΗΣ ΓΙΑ ΑΝΑΝΕΩΣΗ ΑΔ ΕΙΑΣ ΔΙΑΜΟΝΗΣ”), which is issued once and is valid until obtaining a residence permit, as well as a confirmation protocol for submitting an application with your data (“ΑΠΟΔΕΙΚΤΙΚΟ ΥΠΟΒΟΛΗΣ ΑΙΤΗΣΗΣ”). Blue certificates (“ble veveosi”) will no longer be available during the update. The same provisions apply to the initial application for a residence permit (“αρχική χορήγηση”).
  3. Keep a close eye on your email after submitting a digital application, as an invitation for fingerprints and other information is sent to your declared email (check your spam folder), and, as a reminder, failure to appear for fingerprints after 2 calls is fraught with a rejection (” απορριπτική απόφαση”) in obtaining a residence permit. You may not appear twice for fingerprinting only for a good reason, notifying the prefecture in advance. If an attorney is applying for an extension, a notification of fingerprints and other information will be sent to the lawyer’s email, who should inform you of the date and time of the fingerprints or the requested documents. On the day of imprints, a third-country national must have a passport, a paid state fee of 16 euros, 4 photos and a CD. Exempt from this procedure are third-country nationals who, for any reason (problem skin, disability, lack of phalanges, etc.) and after confirmation by the prefecture staff, it is determined that it is impossible to obtain a fingerprint sample – you will be asked for a certificate from a doctor certifying your problem or diagnosis .
  4. Upon readiness and receipt of a new residence permit, it is mandatory to provide the old one (plastic card of a new sample), which is not saved and destroyed along with the biometric data of the owner.
  5. Minor children, starting from the age of 6 years, must pass their fingerprints without fail in the presence of at least one parent.
  6. The owners of the old residence permit samples, as a rule, are long -term cards of up to 10 years belonging to the Greek family “δελτιο μονιμης διαμονης”, or the passport sticker – a working residence permit for 10 years “βινιετα”, which are not expired and act before the deadline for their end, they are valid. at this stage, it is possible to change to a biometric residence permit only if you lose your passport, residence permit or change your personal data. This procedure is still carried out with the physical presence of you personally or your lawyer in the prefecture.
  7. The readiness of the residence permit or any information requested from you by the prefecture will be reflected on the portal https://pf.emigrants.ypes.gr/pf/. It is important not to miss changes in status and not to ignore, for example, an invitation for an interview, additional documents, etc., otherwise obtaining a residence permit may take months or even years.
    And know that if you are denied a residence permit (“απορριπτική απόφαση”) ​​in Greece, there is always a way to challenge this decision in court.

The law office of Svetlana Anatolyevna Kasatkina-Kusku provides services for full qualified legal support in the process of obtaining a residence permit for citizens of third countries any categoryincluding electronic submission of a relevant application for renewal of a residence permit for citizens residing anywhere in Greece, before obtaining a ready-made residence permit, representing the interests of the applicant in the migration services of the country.

We regulate complex cases and applications for expediting residence permits, subject to the necessary prerequisites. To submit an online application for renewal of a residence permit, our law office responsibly approaches the preparation of a package of documents, scrupulously accumulating in the folder of each applicant all the necessary certificates, certificates, copies, etc.

We continue to be with you to clarify any situations in which the lawyer Kasatkina-Kusku Svetlana will personally answer all your questions. Contact us today in a convenient way for you:

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