June 20, 2024

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Greece: conditions for obtaining a residence permit will change

The Greek government has approved new rules for obtaining a residence permit in the country. They come into force on January 1, 2024. What’s new?

Simplification of obtaining a residence permit

The Greek authorities have approved a law to simplify the immigration process and new conditions for obtaining a residence permit. Electronic residence permits have been in force in the country since January 2023, now their existence is enshrined in a new law. Applicants receive an electronic certificate of application, which is valid for the entire period until a decision is made to issue a residence permit. Applicants apply for and renew the document on the website of the Ministry of Migration and receive confirmation of their residence permit by e-mail.

Cancellation of residence permit for senior positions

Those with a residence permit for top managers who wish to extend it from 2024 can use one of the options and receive:

  • blue card EU;
  • permission for internal corporate transfer;
  • residence permit for special purposes.

The choice depends on whether they were hired locally or seconded.

New residence permit for investors

The new law makes it easier to attract shareholders and investors to Greece to revive the economy. Can apply for this category of residence permit:

  1. shareholders of a Greek company with a capital or share value of at least €500,000;
  2. board members, legal representatives and administrators of local companies or legal representatives of branches of foreign companies that have assets or turnover of at least €4 million.

About the EU Blue Card

The law will streamline the European Union Blue Card, which has been available since January 2023, and further simplify the application process for it. You can apply digitally, which eliminates the need for personal presence, writes GreekReporter.

In the near future, we will definitely tell you in more detail about all the changes in obtaining and renewing a residence permit in Greece, which are contained in the new law approved by the government.

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