December 1, 2023

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Strange suicides of two police officers in a few hours: a note and a bottle of vodka

Lasithi (Crete) is shaken by the suicide of two police officers in Sitia and Agios Nikolaos within hours. Both men, aged 34 and 35, hanged themselves, but no one can understand why or why.

Police sources make it clear that the two incidents are unrelated, and the investigation into the reasons that prompted the two men to commit suicide is ongoing. An autopsy will be performed on the two bodies in Paghni to find out the exact causes of the two deaths.

One policeman, aged 35, was found hanged in Kalo Chorio, near his home. He was married, without children, originally from Arta. He was in Crete for translation and served in the Lassithi Security Sub-Directorate in Agios Nikolaos. The man left behind a note in which he explained the reasons that prompted him to commit suicide. According to police, the policeman suffered from psychological problems, so he was under the supervision of an on-duty psychiatrist and was undergoing treatment.

According to ERT, in his note, the suicide policeman said goodbye to his mother and wife, who worked on another island and were going to Crete these days, saying that he could no longer cope with the bad psychological situation that he was going through. According to police sources, his service weapon was taken away from him, and the office doctor (neurologist) classified this as a serious incident.

The second police officer, aged 34, committed suicide in Sitia. He was found hanged in an olive grove in the Estavromenos region. According to cretalive, his lifeless body was discovered by a field owner who went to his olive grove to water it. Seeing the horrific sight, he immediately called the police and an ambulance.

The policeman was not married, he comes from the Peloponnese. The man served in GADA, but was on a long vacation and came to Crete to rest. On Friday, he was in Heraklion, where his close relative lives, and on the same day he took an intercity bus to Sitia, as evidenced by the ticket stub found among his personal belongings. It is still unknown how he ended up in the olive grove, where he ended his life. According to the same information, an empty vodka bottle was found next to his lifeless body. As part of the police investigation, a relative of the guy who saw him a few hours before he committed suicide will be called to testify.

The news of the suicide of two police officers shocked the Greek police. In this regard, Georgios Kartsakis, president of the Lasithi police officers, urges citizens who, for whatever reason, feel unwell and believe that they need help, ask for it and talk about it.

“It is with deep sadness that I have been informed of the unexpected death of two young police officers who served honorably and ethically in the Greek police force. I would like to express my warm and sincere condolences to their families at this difficult time. However, our condolences are not enough, no matter how sincere they may be The unbelievable tragedy that has rocked the island should be an occasion to reflect, inform and act on the ever-increasing number of suicides, thus opening a new discussion about the prejudice and stigma surrounding mental health issues at a time when everyday adversity and economic “The problems are growing. I would like to encourage everyone who needs help to ask for it, to speak up so that a helping hand is found and to remind them that someone is nearby,” wrote Lasithi Police President Georgios Kartzakis.

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