December 11, 2023

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Turks return to Kosovo for the first time since the 19th century

The Turkish commando battalion will be sent to Kosovo at the request of the NATO International Allied Forces Command based in Naples.

The task of the Turkish unit is to contribute as a reserve unit to the work of the KFOR forces NATO after incidentsthat have taken place in Kosovo in recent days, but, in fact, to oppose the Serbs if the situation worsens again.

In a statement, the Turkish Ministry of Defense noted:

“Turkey continues to contribute to regional and global peace and stability through the UN, NATO, EU and the OSCE and bilateral relations.

In this context, our country is closely following the events in the Balkans, where we share common historical and cultural values. It takes a constructive position and calls on the parties to exercise restraint in order to resolve through dialogue the recent developments in the north of friendly and brotherly Kosovo, which are detrimental to regional security and stability.

Following the events in Kosovo, the commando battalion of the 65th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Saranda Churches, Kirklareli), formerly assigned to the NATO Kosovo Force (KFOR), was assigned as a reserve unit based on a request submitted by NATO Allied Forces International Command/Naples ( Italy)”.

The Greeks in NATO did not dare to trust this issue. You never know, suddenly they decide not to shoot at peaceful Serbs?

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