June 25, 2024

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Bulgaria exposed a fraudulent scheme with the placement of Ukrainian refugees

In Bulgaria, violations were found during the settlement of Ukrainian refugees in hotels, boarding houses, camps and recreation centers, which were financed from the state budget and funds allocated by the European Union.

This was stated by the head of the Bulgarian Ministry of Internal Affairs Ivan Demerdzhiev after parliamentary checks, the newspaper reports.Free Europe“.

During the audit, several cases of double registrations, the presence of a large number of refugees for whom there are no places in hotels, as well as the settlement of people who did not enter Bulgaria and newborn children were found. This information was transferred to the prosecutor’s office.

On Friday, Demerdzhiev said the agency’s checks had revealed duplicate registrations, accommodations in excess of the maximum capacity of hotels, people who did not enter Bulgaria, and children “who were not born” who were placed.

“Sometimes it concerns hotels, several, owned by the same person, who cannot but know that these refugees are in 3 different places at the same time, which are under his control,” the Bulgarian minister said.

He added that he had discussed the situation with the Ukrainian ambassador to Bulgaria. The aim was to distinguish between people in need and “tourists”. The data of the inspections of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were transferred to the prosecutor’s office.

The Minister of the Interior announced for the first time about this a few days ago. This came at a time of turmoil in the justice system and political life in Bulgaria, and at a time when the Western-oriented coalitions GERB-SDS and “Ongoing Change – Democratic Bulgaria” are trying to form a government.

The thesis that in Bulgaria citizens of Ukraine fleeing the war are “tourists” and come “to the resort” is used by representatives of Bulgarian pro-Russian political parties and organizations. With the beginning of the war, problems arose with the organization of the accommodation of refugees in the country. Their even accused representatives of the government of Kirill Petkov that they do not move from private hotels to government bases at the behest of the authorities. Volunteers and non-governmental organizations provided most of their support.

Tens of thousands of refugees did not stay in Bulgaria, because the conditions for their adaptation were not created here. At the same time, countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic have managed to integrate hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians into society and business.

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