December 11, 2023

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Turkish Yeni Mesaj: “Pontios is a lie, and Sumela is a scam”

The Turkish journalist decided to rewrite history, but chose the most rude and most offensive way for the Greeks, calling one of the main shrines of the Greeks of Pontus, Panagia Sumela, a Turkish shrine. What is it for?

A provocative article in the Yeni Mesaj newspaper, signed by Turkish columnist Haji Gaydan, claims that Panagia Sumela is not Greek, but Turkish. In his article titled “Pontios is a lie, and Sumela is a scam”, the Turkish journalist notes that it has not been proven that the monks Barnabas and Sophronius built the historical monastery, adding that there is a period of 1000 years from construction to the settlement of the monks, which we have no information.

Thus, he claims that the real founder of the monastery is Comenios III, and it was built between 1375-1395 AD, and not between 375-395 AD. AD Therefore, according to Haji Gaidan, the Greeks lie in order to appropriate Panagia Sumela, which is Turkish, since Comenius was none other than the Turkish Kaan.

In support of his theory, he states that the Greeks changed the name of the Black Mountain to Sumela, that in 375 AD they had no connection with the Eastern Roman state, and that the spread of the Greek language in Anatolia occurred at least 300 years later.

“This is a great theft and fraud of history,” he claims about the attribution of Panagia Sumela to the Greeks, blaming the Cuman Turks (whom he associates with Comenios III) for this and saying that they ruled Trebizond for 41 years, in 1349-1390.

“The name of the Turkish empire founded Cumanswas presented as the “Roman Empire” (Ρωμαίικη αυτοκρατορία”), and the Greeks tried to appropriate it. It was never disclosed that this state was the Komani Turkish Empire,” he writes, referring, in fact, to the Empire of Trebizond, which, of course, was also … Turkish. Therefore, there are no Komninois, there are only Cumanians.”

In fact, Gadzhi Gaydan calls the Ministry of Tourism and the Turkish Historical Society to account because, firstly, they have led the nation into a serious mistake, secondly, they support an unfounded historical conclusion, and thirdly, they help Mr. Bartholomew (mentioned in the text , as the “Roman Patriarch of the Phanar” (Ρωμιός Πατριάρχης του Φαναρίου)) to promote his secret plans.

“In Anatolia, there is not and never was a nation called Greek! Moreover, the Turkish tribes made a great contribution to the nationalization of the Greeks. Kuman is a Turkish word meaning a holy person, a blessed person, and it means a Turk. The tribe of Turks is also called Cuman-Turks “, he claims.

And what was the purpose of this falsification of history? Of course, “to make plausible such a stupid scenario as claiming rights to the Black Sea.”

How useless the Greeks were, according to the author, is also indicated by the fact that they, like the Latins and Romans, did not know how to build castles, bridges, temples, palaces, mansions, hippodromes or reservoirs, and that they owe all this to the Pelasgians, Etruscans, Cumans and other tribes. “They are all Turks. All the castles, bridges, temples and citadels built in Anatolia were built by the Turks,” he points out.

Finally, he makes a linguistic analysis of the word Pontios, saying that it comes from one of the names of the Cumans, which means “builder of bridges and great architect of bridges.”

“The Romans translated this word as pontifex. Therefore, this is the real source and real meaning of the position” pontifex “, which they claimed for many years over the Black Sea. In other words, it was not the Greeks who came to Trebizond, but the Cuman Turks. Pity those who believed in such a big lie for many years! Let’s not forget that the world is the home of the Turks,” the publication concludes.

Every country has its own “brilliant” historians. One author said that the Ukrainians dug out the Black Sea, the Greek and Egyptian gods, and also, for the company, Jesus Christ were Ukrainians, another that the Etruscans are Russians, the third writes that the USA won World War II. But before taking and simply canceling the Greeks as a nation, and declaring their achievements and history a falsification, no one seems to have stooped yet.

It should be noted that such publications do not just appear. And this means that someone in the leadership of Turkey decided to start a campaign against Greece with the expectation of convincing the inhabitants of their country that everything that the Greeks own is illegal, which means it should go to the Turks.

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