July 14, 2024

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Pronews: Americans demand from Greece to transfer 32 F-16 Block-30 fighters to Ukraine

The Greek publication Pronews reports that after the decision G-7 F-16 fighters to Ukraine, the United States began pressure on Greece to transfer 32 F-16 Block-30 aircraft to Ukraine after modernization.

US President Joe Biden told G-7 leaders attending a summit in Japan that Washington will support a joint effort with allies to train Ukrainian F-16 fighter pilots, CNN said today, citing a senior US government official.

At the same time, he announced the sale of F-16 fighters to Ukraine, but did not mention when this would happen and how many fighters would be transferred to Kyiv.

Ukraine is seeking US-made jets as it intends to continue its biggest offensive against Russian forces in months ahead of a planned counterattack. It says the F-16 is much more effective than the Soviet-era combat aircraft currently in Ukraine and transferred to it by its allies.

Biden told G7 leaders that decisions about when, how much and who to provide the jets will be made in the coming months while training is underway, AP reported, citing two people familiar with the matter.

The training will take place in Europe, AP reports. Western governments were careful not to leave their countries defenseless by handing out so much equipment. They have previously avoided sending equipment that could strike deep into Russia and give Moscow a reason to escalate the war, but the situation is changing every day.

It should be noted that this is a move that is difficult to succeed. The reason is that even the most experienced Ukrainian pilots (of whom there are not so many left) require at least a year before they can fly the F-16 in combat mode, i.e. perform air-to-air or air-to-surface missions.

However, the problem already has a solution – these are the pilots of NATO countries with combat experience, including in Iraq and Afghanistan, who fictitiously resign and are hired to serve in the armed forces of Ukraine. Thanks to this decision, the Armed Forces of Ukraine can quickly resolve the issue with combat pilots.

But the information of the Greek edition PronewsThe United States is stepping up pressure on Greece to supply Ukraine with 32 F-16 Block-30 fighter jets. According to information, they will first be modernized and then transferred to Ukraine, quite possibly, together with the Greek pilots.

So that the Greek Air Force does not weaken, Washington has already concluded a supply agreement with Athens 20 5th generation F-35 fighters V installment planfor the total $3.8 billion. How Greece will be compensated for the cost of the F-16s sent to Ukraine is not reported, but most likely this will be done as part of the so-called. Lendlizaannounced by the White House administration in the spring of 2022.

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