April 16, 2024

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Man set on fire by his wife fights for his life

A 58-year-old owner of a tavern on the island of Mytilini is fighting for his life, who suffered serious burns when his wife doused him with gasoline during an argument and then set him on fire.

According to aeolos.tv, the victim with burns remains intubated in the 2nd intensive care unit of the Papanikolu hospital in Thessaloniki, his health condition is critical. The man did not have operations and at this stage they do not plan to. A family showdown was arranged by a wife to her husband last Thursday (April 20). A man, for some unknown reason, started arguing with his wife in a tavern they run. At one point, the 49-year-old woman grabbed a can of gasoline, doused her husband, and then set him on fire.

Panic broke out in the tavern, the man began to scream and call for help. The police and an ambulance arrived at the scene and took the victim to the Mytilene hospital. However, after determining the severity of the injuries, the doctors insisted on the transfer and hospitalization of the victim to the Papanikolu hospital (Thessaloniki), according to the ERT channel.

At the man burns cover 45% of the body surface.

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