June 25, 2024

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Like in the movies: a woman used the window in the toilet to escape from the police station in Sithonia

A daring escape through the toilet window was a success for a 26-year-old criminal who was waiting at the Sithonia (Chalkidiki) police station to be transferred to the women’s prison in Koridalos.

She was taken into custody for stealing €600,000 worth of jewelry from a jewelry store and on Sunday evening she “tried her luck” by asking to be taken to the toilet, from where she was released safely. The police are trying to find her, but so far without success, about which the prosecutor of the Polygyros District Court has been informed. On March 24, the detainee apologized to the investigating judge of Polygyros and was recognized as temporarily detained. She was to be transferred to Koridalos.

According to police, the jewelry theft she is accused of took place in early November last year, when a young woman broke into a jewelry store in Polygyros. At the same time, there was an attempt, on the same day, to get into the house of the owner of a jewelry store, but it was unsuccessful. Two weeks later, the woman tried again to enter the house, and this time she was lucky – she took out jewelry and cash in the amount of 1,100 euros.

However, the “walk” did not last long. Shortly before Christmas, a police investigation linked the woman to the thefts and she was identified in Thessaloniki. During further investigation, duplicate keys to the jewelry store and the victim’s house were found on her, as well as a remote control for the store’s metal safety roller. The materials of the case were transferred to the prosecutor’s office of Polygyros.

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