May 30, 2024

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The sad results of the carnival: 600 people were hospitalized in three days

The public health authorities of Patras recorded about 600 calls from citizens during the three days of the carnival, most of which, about 300, were registered on Sunday evening.

According to information provided by, most of these were related to drinking, followed by minor injuries, breathing problems, substance use and panic attacks.

The head of the 6th sanitary district, Yiannis Karvelis, said that in two hospitals, Agios Andreas and the University Hospital of Patras, a total of more than 400 people with various problems went through the emergency departments. As a result of the “unbridled festivities”, citizens received minor injuries, health problems after using psychoactive substances, etc. On Sunday night, 15 patients were transferred to the Agios Andreas surgical intensive care unit and the same number to the PGNP surgical intensive care unit.

“The main thing is that the concrete planning that we did made it possible to avoid suffering people. All those who needed help received it immediately. All fronts worked smoothly, so we avoided criticism and attacks. At this point, we must publicly thank EES, the local branch and its volunteers, who worked well and in an organized manner,” Mr. Karvelis summed up his speech.

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