June 23, 2024

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Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg stopped receiving and sending aircraft

St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport temporarily suspended flights. All flights are delayed until 12:00. The reason is unknown.

How informs RIA Novosti, citing information from the city administration, “Pulkovo Airport temporarily does not accept or send aircraft.” Flights are delayed, the airport and its services are operating normally.

At the same time, the Russian Telegram channel “Baza” writes that 200 square kilometers of airspace were closed in St. Petersburg, and the local Pulkovo airport stopped receiving planes after an “unidentified flying object” was noticed over the city:

“In St. Petersburg, the Carpet plan was introduced because of an unidentified object in the air. Pulkovo Airport does not accept aircraft. The Carpet signal is given when an illegal border crossing or a UFO appears.”

According to Baza, fighter jets took to the skies. According to Flightradar, civil aircraft do not fly up to St. Petersburg.

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