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Shock: horse doctors at EOPYY

When inspecting state polyclinics EOPYY, inspectors found utilized, assembled from different parts, as well as outdated mechanisms that continued to be used by horse-dressing doctors, arguing, apparently, that “for the people it will do.”

“In 2021, CT scanners under the age of 5 accounted for only 8% of the total, today this percentage has reached 48%,” said the head of the EOPYY Strategic Planning Department.

Service quality is becoming increasingly important in EOPYY’s relationships with their suppliers, as evidenced by data presented at the organization’s 10th anniversary event. This issue was also raised by Minister of Health T. Plevris during his opening speech. As he mentioned, the introduction of only quality criteria for computed tomography and magnetic tomography led to a 10% improvement in medical equipment in general (with the release of only the relevant ministerial decision). The Minister also announced the issuance of ΥΑ with quality criteria for private clinics and rehabilitation centers.

The data presented by the then head of the EOPYY strategic planning department, Theodoros Paskalis, showed a significant degree of equipment modernization. But very disturbing conclusions were drawn during the audit.


Speaking about the introduction of quality criteria for CT and MRI, Mr. Paskalis noted that “in the private sector alone, there are 625 approved mechanisms, there is a significant modernization. Out of a total of 336 units. of CT equipment in 2021, only 8% were under 5 years old, and today their number is 48%. It also means better provision of medical services to the insured. In addition, of the 289 approved MRI scanners in 2021, 2 out of 3 were over 16 years old, systems that should have been retired. Today, 46% of MRI systems are under 5 years old.”

Audit Findings

Concern about the quality of the devices used in the country’s diagnostic centers was caused by the data presented by Mr. Paskalis on the results of the control, writes news4health.gr. “We had systems in operation that were disposed of abroad, but somehow ended up in Greece! I can’t imagine a private provider that would take medical equipment from the garbage (disposal) and apply it on a patient just because the parameters have a very good feature, such as an axial 64-slice,” he said, adding that “these systems currently not approved. And in the EOPYY database, they are generally prohibited for use.

“We have also found systems resulting from the mixing of other systems (assembled from 2 different mechanisms) that do not comply with safety regulations in any way,” the expert says.

However, EOPYY goes even further. As a reminder, from 01.01.2023 for laboratories performing tests for BRCA and multigene biomarkers, as well as CT and MRI tests, strict reimbursement criteria. In addition to the quality criteria to be introduced for private clinics and diagnostics, EOPYY is preparing quality indicators for treatment consumables. diabetes.

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