June 20, 2024

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Weather: Thursday + 18°С, cold again in the third decade of February

The week begins with gradual warming – on Thursday and Friday the air will warm up to 18°C. But it’s not the end of winter yet.

As meteorologist Clearchos Marousakis predicts, climate manifestations will divide Greece into two parts. In the north and west of the country, clear sunny weather with a small amount of clouds will prevail. Local rains are possible in the east and south, snow with rain at low altitudes, and light snow in the mountains.

Cold air masses are moving towards Turkey, leaving behind a fairly strong wind. The temperature in the west is 13-14°С, in the east and north it is not higher than 8-12°С.

In Attica, mainly in the north, sleet is expected, at an altitude of 500 meters and above – snowfall. In the southern regions it is sunny, the air warms up to 12°С.

It is sunny in Thessaloniki, the wind is weak, the temperature is 10-11°C. Frost in the morning.

From Wednesday, February 15, the temperature will rise, from Thursday to Friday the thermometer will rise to 16-18°C. However, in the last 10 days of February it will be cold again, warns meteorologist.

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