June 20, 2024

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Winter in Greece: 228 weather stations recorded temperatures down to -12°C

Winter has finally arrived in Greece. According to the weather service, in the morning hours of Sunday, February 12, a severe frost was noted in the central and northern continental part of the country.

As reported by the National Observatory of Athens/Meteo.gr, the temperature this morning on the mainland of Greece has reached very low levels. The lowest minimum temperature was recorded in Mavrolitari (Fokis) and amounted to -11.9°C. As noted, another 228 weather stations recorded minimum negative temperatures (frost conditions). The lowest recorded were:

  • in Nea Kavkaso, Florina -10.1°С,
  • Kitrini-Limni in Kozani -10.1°С,
  • Vovusa in Ioannina -9.9°С,
  • Kiliada, Kozani -9.8°С,
  • Fort Nevrokopi -9.6°С,
  • Grevene -9.3°С,
  • Pertouli, Trikala -9.2°С.

Below is a map of regions with the lowest (negative) air temperatures in the morning hours of Sunday 02/12/2023, registered by the network of automatic weather stations of the National Observatory of Athens / Meteo.gr.

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