May 18, 2024

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Bodies of dead Greek couple found in earthquake

Greek spouses who were wanted in Antioch after the earthquake in Turkey were found dead.

At first discovered and removed from under the rubble of the building a man, his body was identified by his son-in-law. Next to him, presumably, is his wife – rescuers continue to work there.

The couple were searched for by a Greek rescue team operating in Turkey after receiving special permission to be searched again in the area. In previous days, other rescue teams worked there, but they came to the conclusion that there were no more survivors there and completed the work.

Members of the Greek team searched with a dog a 6-story apartment building where Greek expatriate spouses lived, and also used a special seismic camera.

Those who died in Antioch were Greek emigrants George and Nida Antipa, 65 and 62 years old. Their children reportedthat they went missing after the earthquake.

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