June 23, 2024

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A platform for receiving subsidies for solar panels and water heaters will open at the end of March

In about two months, a platform for solar water heaters and photovoltaic systems will be opened – subsidies worth 65,000,000 euros, as Kostas Skrekas announced yesterday.

“According to our estimates, in late March-early April, the platform will be ready to accept applications from those wishing to replace an electric water heater with a solar one,” the Minister of Environment and Energy stressed. The budget for the program will be 65,000,000 euros, and the guidelines will be published in early March.

At the same time, a program to subsidize small solar panels on rooftops is expected to begin. We are talking about 300,000 households, small entrepreneurs and farmers, which, according to Mr. Skrekas, will have the opportunity to build on the roof a small photovoltaic installation with a power of up to 10 kW together with a battery, and through this they will be able to compensate for the energy they produce with the energy they consume. It is noted that the initial planning of the ministry limited the launch of the two programs to the beginning of the year.

In particular, a program to subsidize the replacement and installation of solar water heaters is included in the package. European Repower EU. According to the information, the main focus of the program will be the “Utilization – replacement of the device” program, which began last year, which concerns the replacement of refrigerators, air conditioners and freezers. The replacement of old-type electric water heaters with modern solar ones will be subsidized and with an average purchase price of up to 1,000 euros. If the criterion “I change the device” is in effect, then the size of the discount will be determined based on the criterion of income.

Regarding the 300,000 small rooftop solar panels program announced by the Prime Minister in September from the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Hall, 40% of applications will be covered by households, 30% by businesses and the remaining 30% by farmers.

The subsidy is expected to be at the level of 30%-40%, and for those who choose to combine photovoltaics with storage, the subsidy will receive an additional bonus and increase to 60%, covering most of the total investment cost.

For installation in multi-family buildings, full-roof photovoltaics will be installed and each owner’s consumption offset without the need for an energy community. The program will focus on net metering systems that allow the consumer to cover a significant portion of their electricity needs while allowing them to use the grid to indirectly store their excess green energy.

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