April 24, 2024

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Study: 90% of Greeks get their information from websites

Nine out of ten Greeks choose the Internet for information, and this percentage has increased by 26.6% compared to 2019.

According to a survey by the National Center for Social Research called “Internet in Greece”, 90% of respondents “receive information via the Internet several times a day.” User interest has “taken a leap” from the previous measurement taken in 2019 (63.5%). At the same time, among those who are wary of the reliability of news online, there was a slight increase of 3%. This percentage was 77.1% four years ago.

The share of those who believe that none of the news is reliable has decreased to 1% (3.6% in 2019), while not a single user believes that all news on the Internet is unreliable. However, 77% of respondents believe that they are able to distinguish between false or falsified news, and only 15% say they do not have this ability.

Rising internet use and the digital divide

The results of the survey also show that the use of the Internet in the country is steadily increasing. 91% of the population (according to the latest report) identify themselves how users. This percentage means an increase of approximately 20% compared to the last measurement in 2019 (71%). For 9% of people who position themselves as non-users The main reasons for not using the Internet remain two: lack of interest and negative attitudes in general (doubts about the usefulness of the Internet, as, for example, Russian President Putin demonstrates), 63%, and lack of skills (knowledge of technology), 27%.

At the same time, it is observed a significant increase in the use of the Internet for transactionssince almost 75% of respondents say that they pay bills and use online banking services at least once a month (51% in 2019). At the same time, the percentage of those who say they have never used the Internet for this purpose has dropped to 8.9% compared to a corresponding 37.3% in the previous measurement.

The study also concludes that “thousands of our fellow citizens continue to suffer from digital divide“. However, this is a category of the population (elderly, disabled) that is likely to decline sharply in the near future due to the ever-increasing penetration of the Internet into daily life.

Internet as entertainment

In terms of Internet skills, users’ self-esteem appears to have improved compared to previous measurements. In particular, 86% of respondents said they know how to open files (compared to 82.3% in 2019), and 87% say they know how to properly use keywords in search engines (84% in the 2019 survey). The Internet is also an important entertainment area for users in Greece, with daily video viewing topping their preferences (64%). This is followed by “downloading” or listening to music with 56% and online gaming with 44%.

The results of the study were obtained during a survey in which 1,200 people took part, the newspaper writes. lifo.gr.

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