June 14, 2024

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Serious "Barbara": public utilities rolled up their sleeves

The harsh “Barbara”, which generously covered Greece and even the islands with snow, caused problems in Lesbos, Chios and Tinos.

In particular, problems due to bad weather were identified on the road network in the Ağrı-Skalochori area and the Lepetimnos ridge. Municipal services of the municipality of Western Lesbos brought “heavy equipment” to the roads to cope with the “disaster”. Truck workers spilled salt onto the pavement as heavy snow continued to fall.

Brigades of communal services of the municipality of Mytilene “fully armed” took to the streets of the city to prevent “being cut off from the whole world.” In the suburbs – Pagani, Ano Halikas – also had a lot of snow.

Cyclone Barbara caused some problems due to heavy snowfall in Chios. Snowplows operated by the regional authorities have entered the island’s road network, in particular in the Karyes-Avgonima section and after the 18th kilometer from Aypos to Katavasi, as well as in the Kardamila-Amades section. The goal is to keep the roads open on the island, which has found itself in a difficult situation due to bad weather.


The people of Tinos are hiding in their homes. Indeed, such a picture as the streets of the island covered with snow is not often seen …



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