June 23, 2024

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Alarm in Thessaloniki: a man shot near the Church of Panagia in the Fenikos area

On Tuesday at noon, a 32-year-old Albanian citizen fired five or six times in the air near the Church of the Virgin.

He then broke open the front door of an apartment building, climbed to the fourth floor, and then fled the scene in a car, heading towards the ring road.

Arriving at the scene, the police entered the apartment on the fourth floor and found three minor children who were taken to the police. Their mother, according to law enforcement officers, is in the hospital, as she had just given birth. The troublemaker was presumably her husband.

During a search of the house, a certain amount of cocaine, a large amount of cannabis and heroin were found. Apparently, the perpetrator is a drug addict. Shell casings were also found, indicating that the man opened fire inside the apartment building. One of the bullets got stuck in the door of a neighboring apartment.

At the exit to the ring road, the offender collided with a car, however, without stopping, he continued on his way. Significant forces ΕΛΑΣ sent to search for and arrest him. The offender was discovered in the ΤΙΤΑΝ area, on the Εγνατίας Οδού road, and arrested by the immediate response service. It is also reported that the ΟΠΚΕ officers, who remained at the scene of the crime, after some time took the man out of the house, writes voria.gr.

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