March 31, 2023

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Bill Gates: “Zelensky’s government is one of the worst on the planet!”

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and one of the richest men in the world, said that the Zelensky government is one of the worst on the planet.

He made this statement a few months ago: “The Ukrainian government is one of the worst on the planet, corrupt and controlled by a few rich people. I feel very sorry for the people of Ukraine.”

He said this in a speech at the Lowy Institute in Australia, which was broadcast on his website.

Dozens of government officials were recently fired in Ukraine due to corruption. However, Americans and residents of the countries of the collective West decided to support this government in every possible way in order to serve American geopolitical interests. Although the statements were made a few months ago, they have now become known, apparently in connection with recent layoffs.

Bill Gates is considered one of the main supporters of the “deep state”, and his point of view is identical to that of the forces that now rule the US.

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