June 25, 2024

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Dog "shot" his master

The dog killed the hunter when he stepped on a loaded gun he had placed in the back seat of the car, resulting in a shot being fired.

The incident happened over the weekend in central US, the police said. In the back seat of an open pickup truck, where the owner left “hunting equipment and a gun,” a dog darted around and stepped on the gun, catching the trigger with its claw. As a result, it “fired,” the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office in Kansas said.

The injured man, 30 years old, was in the passenger seat when he was hit by a bullet. “He died on the spot from his injuries. The investigation is ongoing, but initial reports indicate it was a hunting accident,” the sheriff’s office added.

Guns are extremely common in the US, especially in rural areas. Its number in the country is greater than the inhabitants. Tragic incidents are not uncommon, often involving children who found weapons in the house.

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