February 8, 2023

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Nikos Dendias interrupted his visit to Athos due to health problems

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias’ blood pressure plummeted while attending a liturgy at the Church of Mount Athos.

Dendias was standing at the Holy Monastery of Xenophon when, shortly after 7 a.m. on Thursday, he felt dizzy and passed out, fell to the floor and hit his nose and teeth, local media reported. voria.gr.

A doctor from the polyclinic in Karyes on Athos hastened to provide the minister with first aid. A helicopter was immediately called to pick up the Foreign Minister and take him to Athens.

The minister later confirmed the incident by tweeting that he was fine.

He warmly thanked those who were interested in his health, adding that he was impressed by what he saw and heard during the first visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs to Athos in the last 11 years. He promised that he would return soon.

The state of health of Dendias does not cause concern, media reported citing sources. Following the incident, today’s program for the Foreign Minister’s visit to the Holy Monastery of Dohiar was cancelled.

Recall that the first visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece in 11 years began with “Adventures» on Wednesday, when due to thick fog the helicopter carrying him to the area could not land on the heliport of Karies, it also failed to do so near the Vatopedi Monastery. On this, the limit of Dendias’ failures was exhausted, and his helicopter was able to land in the monastery of the Great Lavra.

What is the real purpose of the visit?

It is worth noting that it is the Minister of Foreign Affairs who represents the Greek state before the Autonomous Monastic State of the Holy Mountain, which means, in fact, communication with the leadership of Athos is the direct responsibility of Nikos Dendias. However, according to him, he arrived at the Holy Mountain also for prayer and worship of the shrines of Athos.

Nevertheless, by rumors, which go among journalists, Nikos Dendias was promised the role of the leader of the New Democracy party and, accordingly, the chair of the prime minister, if ND wins the parliamentary elections. Dendias is considered one of the toughest and most experienced politicians and, according to his party colleagues, he can bring New Democracy out of the protracted crisis into which Kyriakos Mitsotakis has driven it.

The visit to Athos, therefore, may be a prelude to the start of preparations for the elections, where the politician plans to enlist the support of the Holy Cinema and the Holy Elders.

However, a strange drop in blood pressure can also be caused by serious health problems, which means that a visit to the Holy Mountain may be due to the fact that medicine was powerless (?).

It is difficult to assess the reasons for what happened, but our sources from Athos say that what happened was not without reason.

Reference: In the system of administrative regions of Greece, it has the name “Autonomous monastic state of the Holy Mountain” (Greek: Αυτόνομη Μοναστικὴ Πολιτεία Αγίου Όρους – “Aftonomi Monastiki Politia Agiou Orus”). This is a self-governing community of 20 Orthodox monasteries in the direct ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Patriarch of Constantinople (since 1312).

The Greek state on Athos represents subordinate governor Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece. It has a small staff of administrative officers and police officers. His main duty is to oversee the observance of civil law.

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