February 2, 2023

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Latinopuli on the event in Thessaloniki: “It is inconceivable that transvestites read fairy tales to children”

Aphrodite Latinopuli, vice-president of the party “PATRIDA”, was indignant at the event, during which transvestites will read fairy tales children aged 3 to 12 years.

She protested by filming a video that she posted on Instagram. According to the politician, her indignation “bursts out” and she literally screams: “Hands off our children”.

The event that outraged Latinopuli is the so-called. an educational event organized by Thessaloniki Pride and Families with Rainbow, in which drag queens* will read Christmas stories to kindergarten and elementary school children. According to the organizers of the event, “drag queens” through a fairy tale, on the occasion of the festive season, will tell us about gender stereotypes and that “colors and toys have no gender”, and that every child can play with any toy they want, without discrimination.

The promotion, as stated in the announcement, is intended for children from 3 to 12 years old and is supported by Department of Culture, Creative Media, Businessmen and Thessaly University.

“It’s inconceivable that ‘drag queens’ would read fairy tales to babies and children between the ages of 3 and 12,” says Latinopoulou. “They are not authorities, they are not role models, they cannot appeal to children. It is tragic what is happening and we all need to respond,” adds Aphrodite Latinopoulou, “hands off our children.”

Original video on Instagram Latinopoulou linkreceived at the time of publication 6632 likes and many thousands of views.

Mrs. Latinopoulou, probably, has not yet understood that Greece, being a puppet of the United States, is simply is obliged to accept the norms and rules of the so-called. “inclusive society”. This means that in relation to her personally and the party she represents, sanctions are inevitable, since this is contrary to the established over rules.

The Drag Queen Story Hour has become a regular event in libraries, schools and bookstores in North America since 2015. Transvestites – men dressed as clown versions of “women” – read fairy tales to children under the guise of normalizing “gender fluidity” and providing children with “glamourous, positive and downright bizarre role models.” DQSH has chapters in 29 states as well as Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Germany, Sweden and Denmark.

For some time now, transvestites began to act as pastors in Lutheran and Anglican churches.

Under the umbrella of LGBTQ, DQSH claims to “celebrate diversity,” but what is it really teaching to accept children? We’re talking about grown men displaying “femininity,” often in provocative, sexualized costumes that women don’t usually wear, especially when invited to read to children.

*Reference: drag queen (eng. Drag queen, from drag: men’s clothing worn by a woman, or women’s clothing worn by a man, queen – queen) is a slang expression for artists (usually male) who use female images by dressing in women’s clothes.

Not all residents of the US, Canada and Britain believe that this is normal. But supporting and prioritizing LGBTQ people over straight people is state policy, and those who resist the state face arrest and punishment.

Expression drag queen (Drag Queen) gained popularity in the first half of the 20th century in the British gay community, whose members constantly used various slang expressions to communicate with each other. According to folk etymology, the term drag is an acronym for “dressed resembling a girl” used to describe transvestites. It is also believed that the term queen is derived from the archaic word quean (from English – “whore”), which denoted women and gays who have promiscuous sex.

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