On Mount Athos, only 350 monks out of 2000 were vaccinated

Only 350 residents of the monasteries of Mount Athos have been vaccinated against coronavirus, Greek newspaper reports. “Romfeya”… The publication reported that the “inhabitants of Athos” say that “of the two thousand monks of the Mountain, about 1650 were not vaccinated.” “In addition, most monasteries do not discuss vaccines,” writes Romfeya, and clarifies that there […]

Scientists from Ukraine and Georgia will jointly explore the heritage of Athos

Scientists agreed to conduct joint scientific research, organize international scientific conferences in order to study the historical heritage of Athos. Director of the International Institute of Athonite Heritage Sergey Shumilo and Director of the National Center for Manuscripts of Georgia named after Cornelia Kekelidze Zaal Abashidze signed in Tbilisi a Memorandum on uniting efforts and […]

Athos reopens for pilgrims

According to an announcement on Tuesday, the world famous monastic republic of Mount Athos is reopening to pilgrims and visitors after months of isolation. The ban on visiting the Sacred Community, introduced in March 2020, has largely contributed to the creation of a good epidemiological image of Mount Athos. General traffic bans in Greece limited, […]

Coronavirus: 9 deaths on Mount Athos

With the exception of three cases of coronavirus in the monastery of Xenophon brought from outside the borders of the Republic of Athens, there were practically no other cases of illness until September 2020. The ban on visiting the Sacred Community, introduced since March, has contributed significantly to the creation of a good epidemiological image […]

What connects Athos and Russia

For Russians, Athos has become a place where good news is expected. Thousands of pilgrims come to the island every year, some of them stay there forever, they are so attracted by the purity and silence of monastic life. Of course, among the monks there are talented, God-given preachers who are ready to share the […]

Russian Prime Minister makes a private pilgrimage to Mount Athos

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin completed his visit to Greece today and flew to Moscow from Thessaloniki airport “Macedonia”. Immediately following the conclusion of the festive program in Athens on Thursday 25 March, the Russian Prime Minister traveled to Thessaloniki and then made a two-day private pilgrimage to Mount Athos. Mishustin represented Russia at the […]

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