February 2, 2023

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Food taxes are abolished, but… not in Greece

One of the European countries has taken an unprecedented decision – to abolish VAT on basic foodstuffs.

The German publication Die Zeit reported that the Spanish government has decided to reduce the tax on a range of products to 5% – sunflower and olive oil, pasta and many others. And for basic products – bread, vegetables, milk, cheese, cereals, fruits – the tax is generally canceled.

And the support of the government does not end there – it decided to financially support households with the most modest incomes. Families whose total income does not exceed 27 thousand euros per year will receive another assistance – they will receive a lump sum of 200 euros.

According to experts, more than 4.2 million households will receive such payments in 2023, according to exclusive material Latvian news portal BB.LV.

And what about in Greece? Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis presented the results research ΙΕΛΚΑ, comparing food prices in supermarkets in Greece and other European countries. He stressed: “The findings show that Greece remains competitive.” And he noted that Greece is not the most expensive in terms of prices in supermarkets, and the reason for the increase in the cost of goods is not organized speculation. He called the rise in prices “the number one issue for consumers” and said the government’s assistance program will provide an opportunity to support those who are in dire need of it.

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