June 25, 2024

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Major operation EL.AΣ. in Florina: 14 arrests. Among the finds are weapons, ammunition, grenades and mines.

As a result of a major police operation in the Florina area, 14 people were arrested. During the search, machine guns, combat rifles, pistols, shotguns, revolvers, hand grenades, cartridges, mines and 8.8 kilograms of gunpowder were found.

The police operation was carried out by the Florina CID after a twenty-day investigation as part of the operational planning of the Florina Police Department.

The arrested persons of Greek nationality, aged between 44 and 77, were charged with violating the law on weapons, ammunition, explosives, explosive devices, the law on the protection of antiquities and cultural heritage, and the Customs Code. Criminal cases have been initiated against them.

In particular, after methodical police investigations and the use of data, the aforementioned police officers conducted a total of 13 searches in the homes and 1 warehouse of detainees in the Florina area, where they found and seized:

  1. 2 submachine guns type MP 38/40 and PPS (Sudaeva)
  2. 14 assault rifles,
  3. 17 hunting rifles,
  4. 19 pistols
  5. 10 revolvers,
  6. 8,800 kilograms of gunpowder,
  7. 8 “lemon” grenades and 1 cumulative grenade.
  8. 3240 rounds,
  9. 8 shells and mines of various types,
  10. 43 clips,
  11. 8 bayonets,
  12. 16 fuses,
  13. 1 stun gun,
  14. various parts of weapons and other items: such as barbed wire, 2 pepper spray, 20 cartridge cases for large-caliber weapons, 179 packs of duty-free cigarettes and an old coin (!!!), which added prosecution to the suspects under the article of the law “for the protection of antiquities”.

The case was preceded by a systematic investigation, collection and use of data, which together led to the identification and arrest of the above persons. As the ad says EL.AS., “police checks are part of a targeted effort to both fight crime and increase the sense of security of citizens, and such checks will continue with the same intensity in all regions of Western Macedonia.”

PS Judging by the images, the police came to the so-called. “black diggers”, persons engaged in the search and sale of weapons, and various items left in the region since the 2nd World War and the civil war that followed it in Greece.

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